People living with disabilites

Possibilities for people living with disabilities

People living with disabilites The Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship in OOUTH, Sagamu runs for some 6 weeks and allows associate Pharmacists to receive clinical training and garner experience in clinical settings, to hone their skills, especially in the area of drug therapy, and to experience first-hand Pharmacy as a profession (of humanitarianism) in contrast to Pharmacy as a course of study. Like many things scholarly, it… Read more

The cost of love

Love, Amor, Aime. They all sound different in English, Spanish and French – though feel the same emotionally. Emotions are no respecter of language, ethnicity or social status. The sound of love brings joy to some and ache to others (head-ache or heart-ache). Love, most especially true love is right and feels wonderful. Those who have experienced this would know few words can’t describe it.… Read more