Ronaldo Medida Certa weight loss

Medida Certa Weight loss program

Medida Certa is one of the most popular reality television shows in Brazil, and it has been praised for its positive message and its focus on helping people improve their health. The show has been criticized for its promotion of extreme weight loss measures, but it remains a popular choice for viewers. Medida Certa operates through: two seasons, where a group of contestants are followed… Read more

Ferguson – Ronaldo is old and fat

After being labelled derisively as the ‘old and fat one’ by the Manchester United manager, the Brazil legend has classed the comments as an unprofessional blunder by Ferguson. Real Madrid legend Ronaldo has hit back at Sir Alex Ferguson after the Manchester United manager poked fun at his past battles with weight issues. The Scot described Ronaldo as the “old and fat one” when asked… Read more