Easy9ja - We rise by lifting others.

Ode to the Nigerian Youth

Nigerian youth, we see you. We see your struggle, we feel your pain. We know the road to development is long, But we offer hope that help is coming.

We rise by lifting others, This is our mantra, Easy9ja brothers. The struggle of the youth is acknowledged, The pains of development understood.

Compatriot, stay strong, help is coming. But before it does, find someone else to help. Let us all acknowledge our weakness and our strength.

Take heart, Nigerian youth, give what you seek. For in lifting others, we rise together.

In the face of adversity, we persevere, Our resilience is unmatched, our spirit clear. We are the future of Nigeria, And we will make it good.

We will lift each other up, And together we will rise. Easy9ja, we rise by lifting others.

So let us go forth, Nigerian youth, With lifted heads and hearts. Let us help each other along the way, And together we will achieve greatness.


Let us support ourselves.

We are a platform for Nigerian youth to connect, share resources, and inspire each other. Join us today, and let’s rise by lifting others.

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Adeola Adebowale

I am a believer in good. https://linkedin.com/company/premiumkraft