The Head of MEDUSA

The beginning of this month of August was a very prayerful one for many a Nigerian student, at least those who believed that even God can mediate between ASUU and our (…) federal government. ASUU, we had heard was set to embark on yet another strike; while the memory of last year’s six-month postponement of the destinies of millions of (the poor man’s) children is… Read more

Getting Off the High Horse

In the past week I have been slandered, insulted, even threatened. I have been called arrogant, egocentric, delusional and maniacal… In fact, they have said they may not allow me to pass my “part 6 (sic) MBBS exams”. Interestingly, majority of such statements came from a particular profession more than others; yes, the very ones I said must have been taught sauciness in school. Well,… Read more

NMA vs FMoH: Ebola turn at Nigerian Resident Doctors

Diseases can be terrible; how much more epidemics? It was barely a week ago that I came down with fever, malaise and highly disturbing diarrhoea. It was just after I’d (unsuccessfully) treated malaria with drugs of questionable originality; they had been much cheaper. So my first differential was of course relapse. Then I realigned my sentiments with prevailing public opinion and arrived unquestioningly at Ebola… Read more