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Doctor of Medicine, or Interpreter of Results?

There is now a recalcitrant trend among our people. It is not new, but it sure is growing. Before now, everyone knew to seek the (medical) doctor out whenever they ailed. It was the doctor who then decided what investigations to order, and what treatment to give, after thorough history taking and relevant physical examination. What we find now is rather different, the well-documented physician-apathy… Read more
Empty hospital beds

Matters Arising: Peculiar Allowance vs Hazard Allowance

Dearest colleagues, At the commencement of the first phase of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Ogun strike action, I find it necessary to make the following comments. I beseech my elders to permit me to revisit certain histories without holding me in contempt. The agitation for review of Hazard Allowance for health workers must be more than two years old. At the national level, the… Read more

Why not change

Preamble… Before Jonathan lost the Election, a lot of well-meaning folks asked why I would board a sinking ship, especially since I was a stern critique of the ship’s occupancy. As usual, the Change! people alleged I was paid to do so; it doesn’t take much sense after all. Some just concluded I was intellectually blind, as Soyinka was alleged to have said. And through… Read more