The PROFIT Percent

Everyone is out to make money. More money. And more money. And if you’ve put in some money already, then you’re out to make a profit, plain and simple. Still, one often, if not frequently, makes profit but still doesn’t quite hit jackpot– or put another way, doesn’t feel as comfortable as his seemingly lesser competitor seemingly making lesser profit. So that one is eventually… Read more

In Defence of the ASUU STRIKE

Resolved: ASUU strikes are utterly ineffective, totally uncalled for, profoundly senseless, and the students are always the only victims. Defence: It is no news that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) had for the past three years embarked on shorter, warning, strikes over the non-implementation of its Agreement with the Federal Government (FG) with the general public- and market women- haplessly looking on and… Read more