Petrol station during fuel scarcity

Fuel scarcity: inefficiency or exploitation

Fuel is an important part of a Nigerian’s daily life. Every activity that requires electricity in Nigeria is one way or the other affected by fuel. Transportation, productivity, commodity prices and general living in Nigeria is connected and affected by the availability and price of fuel. This is due to so many factors which have various underlying causes that are unique to the Nigerian situation.… Read more

On Vested Interests

The NNPC sells kerosene at N50 per litre. Only the NNPC doesn’t sell kerosene. Frequent visits to their (two) distribution stations (in my area) leave you wondering why the hell they advertise a product that is never available, and why the heck it is proclaimed for nearly a third of the actual purchase price; last time I bought the DPK, it was at N135 per… Read more

NNPC needs $15bn

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is seeking about $15bn to develop a gas industrial park patterned after the Xenel Petrochemical Plant in Saudi Arabia and the Nagarjuna Fertilizer Plant in India. The top management of the corporation led by the Group Executive Director, Gas and Power, Dr. David Ige, said during a presentation to the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission in Abuja on Tuesday… Read more