Music 40 highest earners

The list, compiled by measuring touring revenue, music sales, publishing royalties and other streaming and on-demand figures, was topped by Madonna with $34.5 million. Like many of the acts on the list, her gaudy figures were goosed by concert revenues, in her case the blockbuster MDNA tour, which was 2012’s biggest outing with $305 million in grosses. Madge earned a hefty $32 million of that… Read more

Highest paid Nigerian footballers

Nigerian footballers sure do not earn the sort of money some of their colleagues from other African countries like Ivory Coast (Didier Drogab, Yaya Toure), Cameroun (Samuel Eto). However, some of them earn quite impressive sums of money. NairaBrains a business and technology site has released a detailed list of top 8 earning Nigerian Footballers in 2012 and some surprise inclusions are made. Many do… Read more