Easy9ja - Doctor of medicine or interpreter of results

Doctor of Medicine, or Interpreter of Results?

There is now a recalcitrant trend among our people. It is not new, but it sure is growing. Before now, everyone knew to seek the (medical) doctor out whenever they ailed. It was the doctor who then decided what investigations to order, and what treatment to give, after thorough history taking and relevant physical examination. What we find now is rather different, the well-documented physician-apathy… Read more
Ronaldo Medida Certa weight loss

Medida Certa Weight loss program

Medida Certa is one of the most popular reality television shows in Brazil, and it has been praised for its positive message and its focus on helping people improve their health. The show has been criticized for its promotion of extreme weight loss measures, but it remains a popular choice for viewers. Medida Certa operates through: two seasons, where a group of contestants are followed… Read more
Food preservatives

Natural food preservatives

Natural (or traditional) preservation techniques are food preservation methods used in keeping food fresh and safe for consumption. These techniques have been in use for several for several centuries. It involves the use of natural ingredients such as salt, sugar, vinegar, and oil to prevent the growth of microorganisms and slow down the rate of spoilage. Not only are natural ways to preserve food much… Read more
Female reproductive system - fertility

Fertility tracking

Fertility tracking can be important when you need to answer any of the following questions… When does my chances of getting pregnant increase?Why am I not getting pregnant? Women trying to conceive or prevent pregnancy may use unreliable methods. It is also not surprising that many do not understand their body enough to decode their menstrual cycle. Fertility tracking is the practice of monitoring your… Read more
People living with disabilites

Possibilities for people living with disabilities

People living with disabilites The Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship in OOUTH, Sagamu runs for some 6 weeks and allows associate Pharmacists to receive clinical training and garner experience in clinical settings, to hone their skills, especially in the area of drug therapy, and to experience first-hand Pharmacy as a profession (of humanitarianism) in contrast to Pharmacy as a course of study. Like many things scholarly, it… Read more

The Head of MEDUSA

The beginning of this month of August was a very prayerful one for many a Nigerian student, at least those who believed that even God can mediate between ASUU and our (…) federal government. ASUU, we had heard was set to embark on yet another strike; while the memory of last year’s six-month postponement of the destinies of millions of (the poor man’s) children is… Read more