Of Nigeria and Mathematics

There is no doubt that Nigeria has had a longstanding romance with Mathematics, the mother of all sciences. Since 1914 when Lugard merged the protectorates, unequally, as though equal, calling that which was not as though it were, Nigeria and Nigerians have been solving, rather inconsistently, the two-thirds of simple numbers. For instance, if the North is about twice as large as the South, and… Read more

Nigeria loses $2.7bn to oil production decline

Nigeria is estimated to have lost about $2.7 billion or N426 billion from decline in crude oil production in the last quarter of 2012 – October to December, even as it earned $16.075 billion or N2.54 trillion from crude oil export in the same period. The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN Fourth Quarter Economic Report, attributed the decline in crude oil production and export to… Read more