Ronaldo Medida Certa weight loss

Medida Certa Weight loss program

Medida Certa is one of the most popular reality television shows in Brazil, and it has been praised for its positive message and its focus on helping people improve their health. The show has been criticized for its promotion of extreme weight loss measures, but it remains a popular choice for viewers.

Medida Certa operates through:

  • two seasons, where a group of contestants are followed for several months.
  • The contestants participate in a variety of activities, including exercise, nutrition counseling, and therapy.
  • The contestants are eliminated one by one, and the winner is the contestant who has lost the most weight and made the most progress in their health journey.

Medida Certa has been credited with helping many people lose weight and improve their health. However, it is important to note that the show is not for everyone. The extreme weight loss measures promoted on the show can be dangerous, and it is important to consult with a doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program.

Ronaldo in Medida Certa

Ronaldo, was a contestant on the third season of Medida Certa in 2012. When he joined the show, he weighed 118.4 kilograms (261 pounds) and had a body fat percentage of 25.5%.

Ronaldo was determined to lose weight and improve his health. He worked hard with the show’s team of experts, and he lost a total of 18 kilograms (40 pounds) over the course of the season. He also reduced his body fat percentage to 15%.

Ronaldo’s participation on Medida Certa was a huge success. He inspired millions of Brazilians to focus on their health and well-being. He also showed that it is possible to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals, even if you are a busy and successful person.

Here are some of the key things that Ronaldo did to lose weight on Medida Certa:

  • He ate a healthy diet that was low in processed foods and high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • He exercised regularly, doing a combination of cardio and strength training.
  • He got enough sleep.
  • He managed his stress levels.

Ronaldo’s story shows that anyone can lose weight and improve their health, regardless of their age, fitness level, or schedule. If you are looking to lose weight, Ronaldo’s example is a great source of inspiration.

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