Easy9ja - We rise by lifting others.

Ode to the Nigerian Youth

Nigerian youth, we see you. We see your struggle, we feel your pain. We know the road to development is long, But we offer hope that help is coming. We rise by lifting others, This is our mantra, Easy9ja brothers. The struggle of the youth is acknowledged, The pains of development understood. Compatriot, stay strong, help is coming. But before it does, find someone else… Read more
Easy9ja - Doctor of medicine or interpreter of results

Doctor of Medicine, or Interpreter of Results?

There is now a recalcitrant trend among our people. It is not new, but it sure is growing. Before now, everyone knew to seek the (medical) doctor out whenever they ailed. It was the doctor who then decided what investigations to order, and what treatment to give, after thorough history taking and relevant physical examination. What we find now is rather different, the well-documented physician-apathy… Read more
Nigeria Independence day.

Nigeria’s Independence: Embracing Hope

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! As we celebrate our nation’s freedom, let us come together to reflect on our shared journey and embrace the boundless potential that lies within our great nation. Nigeria, a land of diverse cultures, languages, and traditions, stands as a testament to the strength of unity in diversity. Our resilience and unwavering spirit have carried us through challenges, and it is this… Read more