The cost of love

Love, Amor, Aime. They all sound different in English, Spanish and French – though feel the same emotionally. Emotions are no respecter of language, ethnicity or social status. The sound of love brings joy to some and ache to others (head-ache or heart-ache). Love, most especially true love is right and feels wonderful. Those who have experienced this would know few words can’t describe it.  Looking around, every single thing has a price tag that anastomoses with it. Although you don’t pay the price with money sometimes.

Money can buy a good house, beach side exotic vacations or even take you to space via Virgin galactic. Not all things can be bought directly with money. True love does belongs to an outstanding group tagged “we can’t be bought out with money”. It would be wrong to assume and feel the only medium of worthy exchange is money. Frankly it’s a popular medium of exchange.

Does love cost something? If it does, then what’s the cost of that love? It would be premature to swiftly say love does not cost a thing. Really, the answer to this interesting question lies inside of YOU (YES, you).

Since the answer lies in you. Heres my answer. Relax and see.

Question: What’s the cost of love?
For a young man like me, an inquisitive mind would want to ask what I know about love and even if I do, how much of it do I know? I will have to admit not so much. These are some of the few things I know. Love is patient, love is kind and love is selfless. Patience, kindness and selflessness, hmmm… I think these things cost a fortune in our world today. A wise man was right when he said “love is when I want the best for you, for your good alone and nothing else”. Love really would cost a fortune, a fortune 100 million dollars might not buy. Love costs more than a thing, cost means exchange, exchange means letting go and letting go is sacrifice. As a friend of mine once said love is defined by Profession, Protection and Provision. When you really love there should be something you are willing to sacrifice. It might be giving ones time or even spending money. L-O-V-E is very honorable and true. Love really does cost something or some-things as the case may be.
Has love cost you something? If yes, that’s good. It simply means that you are nurturing something, it means you are giving. Keep it up, you are on the path of becoming the best of persons. We should try to keep on loving unconditionally but with caution. Note, the height of love you are ready to give is proportional to the depth of pain you should be ready to take (be prepared). Pain should not deter you anyways. Love unconditionally and do not hold back too much. Nothing should pry you from loving even when the person is undeserving of it. Our Creator still loves us in-spite of all our wrong doings, let us do everything like Him including Loving like Him.
In the long run loving won’t harm you, it will only make you better. You cannot freely get anything with your palms tight-fisted. Always try to forget when you have given and never forget when you have received. Don’t count the COST OF your LOVE. Thanks for reading. Make sure you give yourself a treat because you are lovely in a special way.
Mucho amor