Of Nigeria and Mathematics

There is no doubt that Nigeria has had a longstanding romance with Mathematics, the mother of all sciences. Since 1914 when Lugard merged the protectorates, unequally, as though equal, calling that which was not as though it were, Nigeria and Nigerians have been solving, rather inconsistently, the two-thirds of simple numbers. For instance, if the North is about twice as large as the South, and… Read more

Hero or Villain

Recently I witnessed why we, a great nation in Wonderland; a corrupt nation at heart; and a weakling in reality, continually blaming more serious nations for our inadequacies and military deficiencies, cannot but be right where we are: aimless, voiceless, dying… our legislators collecting exorbitant salaries; our executives looting our treasury, and complicit in the evanescence of our oil; and our Naira falling, in need… Read more

Lessons from Ife

Elsewhere, “the price of freedom is watchfulness”; back home, the price we pay to still be on this side of the here-and-now is fear. Legendarily, it is the fear of the future, the fear of the unknown; but in more recent times, there is likewise the fear of the law… For we are aware of the laws protecting us, our being, our freedoms, our respectedness;… Read more

On Vested Interests

The NNPC sells kerosene at N50 per litre. Only the NNPC doesn’t sell kerosene. Frequent visits to their (two) distribution stations (in my area) leave you wondering why the hell they advertise a product that is never available, and why the heck it is proclaimed for nearly a third of the actual purchase price; last time I bought the DPK, it was at N135 per… Read more

The Myopic Vision of a Rapist Dressed in Messiah’s Garb – One Youth’s Account

The year 2011 was a significant one in Nigeria: it was the year President Yar’Adua’s tenure ended availing Nigerians the opportunity to again decide who should occupy the Rock. And it was in the scramble for this that Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was given the presidential ticket of the (then) Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). For us in the South-West, 2011 was the year the ACN… Read more

NMA vs FMoH: Ebola turn at Nigerian Resident Doctors

Diseases can be terrible; how much more epidemics? It was barely a week ago that I came down with fever, malaise and highly disturbing diarrhoea. It was just after I’d (unsuccessfully) treated malaria with drugs of questionable originality; they had been much cheaper. So my first differential was of course relapse. Then I realigned my sentiments with prevailing public opinion and arrived unquestioningly at Ebola… Read more