Entrepreneurship Ideas: Investing in Ghana

It comes a time in any great visionary’s life that having a great job or your own business is not enough, and although it takes time to think about it and great courage to carry it on, investment in a different country is many times a winning option. Once you decide you want to invest somewhere else the question pops out: where? Today we will propose Ghana as country to invest your money in, as well as some ideas on what to put your money in in order to obtain a larger growth in your economic capital.

Business – One of the most challenging ideas is opening a business in Ghana, since it is bound to cost you less than opening the same type of enterprise in Nigeria. For example, when it comes to location, real estate prices are 30% lower in Ghana as well as employee’s salaries.

Telecommunications – Last year mobile intensification in Ghana was astonishing, surpassing the 100 percent. Not every Ghanian has a mobile phone, however the growth of this market cannot be denied, especially for what concerns data services. This is why telecommunications is a great sector to invest on. Check out the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications to find out about more.

Financial services – Since the Banking Act in 2007, which laid the foundation for charge in the industry, Ghanian financial services have had a tremendous growth. Thanks to a thriving economy and slowly growing incomes, Ghana has shown great potential and promises throughout the past years. Services are improving on a daily base and the introduction of ATMs by nine banks in the country, including Ecobank, Zenith Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, increased the money flow which also increased the demand for oil, electricity, telecommunications services and other goods, registering a general improvement in the country’s economy.

Real Estate – The great growth that Ghana is facing at the moment makes it a very fruitful country concerning real estate investments. Moreover, the lack of an efficient internal administration and the necessity for adequate investments facilitates investing by foreigner entrepreneurs. As cited earlier, buying a house in Ghana costs around 30% less than what that same building would cost in Nigeria, but paradoxically rents are 30% higher in Ghana, not to mention the price on utility services such as electricity, heating, water and garbage, which is 11% cheaper than in Nigeria. So a great investment idea is to buy a house in Ghana and then rent it to locals; if you have any sort of problem remember that both countries are nearby so you’d be able to move there in no time.