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A living sacrifice, fit for the Master’s use

The phrase “a living sacrifice fit for the Master’s use” is from the Bible, specifically from the book of Romans. In Romans 12:1, Paul writes, “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual worship.”

What does it mean to be a living sacrifice fit for the Master’s use? It means giving ones’ whole self to God, both body and soul. It is offering time, talents, resources, and ones life to the Almighty. Submitting to His will and enabling service for His purposes.

At its core, being a living sacrifice is about selflessness, surrendering, and unwavering commitment. It calls upon individuals to offer themselves wholly, not in a ritualistic sense, but in the very essence of their being. It is a call to devote one’s life to a cause greater than oneself, to serve a purpose that extends far beyond the limitations of the human experience.

Being a living sacrifice is not always easy. It requires putting aside own desires and ambitions and focusing on what God wants. It means saying no to things that are tempting or pleasurable, and it means saying yes to things that are difficult or even dangerous.

Being a living sacrifice is also incredibly rewarding. Submitting to God, transforms and leads to amazing things. God gives purpose and meaning in life, and He fills his own with His joy and peace.

Here are some ways that one can be a living sacrifices fit for the Master’s use:

  • Offer your time to God. volunteer time to serve others, either through a church, community, or workplace. Spend time in prayer and Bible study, getting to know God better and learning His will for our lives.
  • Offer your talents to God. You can use your gifts and abilities to serve others and glorify God. For example, someone good at music, can sing or play an instrument in a church worship band. Others good at writing, can write articles or blog posts that share the gospel or encourage other believers.
  • Offer your resources to God. You can give financially to support your church and other Christian ministries. You can also donate your possessions to those in need.
  • You can offer your life to God. This means being willing to go wherever He calls and doing whatever He asks , even if it is difficult or dangerous. It means being willing to suffer for His sake and to even lay down ones life for Him, if necessary.

Offering the self to God as a living sacrifice, pleases Him and demonstrates love for God. It also makes a difference in the world and brings glory to His name.

To be a living sacrifice is to embrace a life of meaning and significance. It requires a deliberate choice to live in alignment with values that transcend the transient pursuits of the material world. It demands channeling energy toward acts of kindness, compassion, and altruism. In essence, it is a profound spiritual practice that transforms ordinary lives into extraordinary testimonies of faith, love, and service.

William Carey was a living sacrifice

Here is a story of someone who was a living sacrifice fit for the Master’s use:

William Carey was a Baptist missionary who was sent to India in 1793. At the time, India was a British colony, and it was very difficult to share the gospel there. But Carey was determined to obey God’s calling, even though he knew it would be difficult.

Carey and his wife, Dorothy, arrived in India with their young son. They settled in the city of Serampore, which was located in what is now Bangladesh. Carey began learning the Bengali language and translating the Bible into Bengali. He also started a school for Indian children and a printing press to print Christian literature.

Carey’s work was not easy. He faced opposition from the British East India Company, which was afraid that Christianity would destabilize the colony. He also faced opposition from the Hindu and Muslim communities in India. But Carey persevered. He continued to translate the Bible, preach the gospel, and start churches.

Carey’s work eventually paid off. He translated the entire Bible into Bengali, and he helped to start hundreds of churches in India. He is known as the “Father of Modern Missions” because of his pioneering work in India.

William Carey was a living sacrifice fit for the Master’s use. He gave his life to serving God and to sharing the gospel with the people of India. His work made a profound difference in the world, and his legacy continues to inspire Christians today.

We can all be living sacrifices fit for the Master’s use. When we offer our time, talents, resources, and very lives to God, He transforms us and uses us to do amazing things. He gives us purpose and meaning in life, and He fills us with His joy and peace.

So, how can you be a living sacrifice fit for the Master’s use today? Here are a few ideas:

  • Volunteer your time to serve others.
  • Donate to a ministry, charity or cause that you support.
  • Use your talents and abilities to serve others, such as singing in the choir, teaching, or helping your community.

In conclusion, to be a living sacrifice fit for the Master’s use is to embrace a life of purpose, devotion, and profound spiritual significance. It is a testament to the core spirit of humanity, the ability to rise above the mundane and connect with the divine. It is an invitation to live a life that leaves a positive imprint on the world, a life that embodies the very essence of love, kindness, and selflessness. May we all heed this sacred call and embark on the journey of becoming living sacrifices, illuminating the world with the brilliance of our purpose-driven lives.

Adeola Adebowale

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