Nigeria 2023 election - celebrities


Why celebrity endorsement?

In the 2023 election we see many celebrities asked or being pressured to speak up. Many called for them to pick their candidate. Several whose choices are perceived as not for the public benefit were attacked. This begs the question should: celebrities endorse a particular political candidate; and is celebrity endorsement a big deal for politicians?

Modernization and digitalization brought about rise in internet celebrities and influencers. These new class of elites have influenced the fashion choice of many, and brought sales to products associated with their brands. It is thus not surprising, members of the (internet) populace seek endorsement of their political choices.

I feel many citizens forget that election-wise, celebrities and influencers only have one vote. Being individuals themselves, they have allegiance or agenda purely for their own benefits. I therefore think it is important that voters evaluate political candidates, based on track record, agenda and self-priorities.
Most celebrities and influences may have a large following, they are typically not experts on governance and political issues. Their choices will therefore be influenced based on candidates likability, influence of others, personal bias and benefits.

Particularly, it is important for the voter to know, that the daily realities faced by these influencers is usually different. Income class, fame, educational background and experience, influences a voter’s condition. Therefore political choices should ultimately be a personal decision.

Especially considering the current culture of “all man for himself”, it is important to carry out due diligence in exercise of your political rights. Election periods is a time for the masses to exercise power of choice, citizens should consciously avoid manipulation of their voting power.