Richest clubs 2012

Real Madrid and Barcelona have
extended their advantage over the rest of
Europe at the top of the 2010-11 Football
Money League.
Real Madrid have collected top spot for
the seventh consecutive season with
revenue of 479.5 million euros, while the
remainder of the top six remains
unchanged from 2009-10.
Barcelona are second with 450.7m euros,
while defending English Premier League
champions Manchester United were the
highest ranked with 367m euros of
Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and EPL pair
Arsenal and Chelsea round out the top six, while
AC Milan and Inter were the highest ranked
Italian teams in seventh and eighth respectively.
Liverpool’s lack of European football means they
slipped to ninth, while Bundesliga outfit Schalke
were a surprise 10th after their Champions
League semi-final run boosted their coffers.
The Football Money League list, which is
compiled by financial group Deloitte, in
calculated by gathering income streams from
three key areas – matchday revenue, broadcast
revenue and commercial revenue.
Staggeringly, the top 20 earned a combined 4.4
billion euros in the period measured, a figure
which represents one quarter of the entire
revenue accumulated in the European football
Once again, the Money League top 20 comprises
clubs from the ‘big five’ European leagues – EPL,
LA Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 – with
England having six entries in the top 20 and five
more clubs which narrowly missed out .
“Continued growth of the top 20 clubs during
2010-11 emphasises the strength of football’s
top clubs, especially in these tough economic
times,” Deloitte’s Dan Jones said.
“Whilst revenue growth has slowed from eight
percent in 2009-10 to three percent in 2010-11,
their large and loyal supporter bases, ability to
drive strong broadcast audiences and
continuing attraction to corporate partners has
made them relatively resilient to the economic
Football Money League (in euros): 1. Real
Madrid 479.5m, 2. Barcelona 450.7m, 3.
Manchester United 367m, 4. Bayern Munich
321.4m, 5. Arsenal 251.1m, 6. Chelsea 249.8m,
7. Milan 235.1m, 8. Inter 211.4m, 9. Liverpool
203.3m, 10. Schalke 202.4m, 11. Tottenham
181m, 12. Manchester City 169.6m, 13.
Juventus 153.9m, 14. Marseille 150.4m, 15.
Roma 143.5m, 16. Borussia Dortmund 138.5m,
17. Lyon 132.8m, 18. Hamburg 128.8m, 19.
Valencia 116.8m, 20. Napoli 114.9m.real madrid

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