The most high

There exist a certain rich man, he owns most international companies, controls all the important media outlets across the world, in every country his companies have employed over 100,000 people directly and millions indirectly. He owns air-crafts and military weapons companies, he owns numerous islands across the world, he has bought all the rights to every project going on in outer space. His companies controls numerous satellites. He is a major shareholder in all international oil companies and banks.
He is able to control elections and determine the outcomes, he is able to finance research into whatever area he desires, he is able to make anyone billionaires comfortably. He controls the leaders of the greatest countries in the world. To summarize it he is the greatest man alive.
All systems that exist was created by something, the laws of a particular system does not affect the creator of the system besides the part of him involved in the system, the existence, the rules, limitations and potentials of the system do not determine the whole properties of its creator. God is the beginning of all things, the causer of all that we know to exist.
Everything imaginable now, all the things we understand and all the things we are yet to understand are the work of his hands. Imagine all the things you know, all the things you have seen and heard. The whole earth, the depths of the sea, over a billion species, enormous wealth and power you can ever imagine. God is above all that, even above the rich man described earlier in this write up.
The rich man will never have reason to seek out anyone unless that person stands out in something. The rich man can order the debasement or uplifting of anyone. He can do all things imaginable but he is still limited because he will die someday.
Scientists say the earth is billions of years old. Imagine how powerful a personality that as been before that, is still in existence and will still be in existence forever.
Imagine the degree of power men amass within few years of their success. Compare that to billions of years.
God is greater than all men and everything in total, he is greater than all the planets, than all spirits, than all powers and authority that exist. How come man is now relevant at all?
The spirit of God is in all living beings, all men have a soul in them, which is a little part of God in us. All things we know will pass away, our possesions, all we have even our bodies because all men will die.
Anyone that does good to any of the rich man’s children will have almost anything he desires. Every living person has God in them. Doing good to them is doing good to God. You have God in you, doing good to yourself is doing good to God. Everything you are and is around you will pass away, but everythig you do to God will be forever because he is forever. Do good in your thoughts, action, words, deeds and everything to everyone and yourself, so you can get the favor of the richest of Old. God is good.

Adeola Adebowale

I am a believer in good.